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You can now book virtual

R David Comedy Events!


Balloon Hysteria


At last, there’s a vaccine for cabin fever… Virtual Balloon Hysteria, one hour of family entertainment, featuring some of the most hysterical folks around: your own family. If you’re playing it smart this winter and keeping celebrations small and intimate, this is definitely for you. Let balloon hysterical R David teach your whole family how to make balloons. Your entire family will learn how to make a balloon dog, a flower, a hat and more. You’ll blow your own mind with how much fun you’ll have. It takes just two weeks to pre-order all you’ll need. And then, at the appointed hour, you’ll join R David online with your family, even friends and family in other cities can join in. Your family celebration doesn’t have to be limited by your four walls. Contact Balloon Hysteria NYC for all the deets… that means “details,” I think.


A New York City Santa


It’s Christmas Season, and in two minutes, your kids are getting a personal online visit with literally the busiest, most popular man on the planet. In fact, your whole family is going to spend 5… 10… up to 15 minutes with Santa Claus! You’d better believe he knows everyone’s names, and he knows what your kids have been wishing for all year. Most importantly, he knows how good they’ve been and how hard they’ve tried. Your visit may include, a reading of The Night Before Christmas, show-n-tell with Rudolph’s bells, and even a Christmas carol. Yes, everyone’s going to sing and it’s going to be magnificent! Contact A New York City Santa for all the deets… that means “details”… definitely “details!”

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