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Birthday Max

A whirlwind of masterful clown silliness, connecting vaudeville-inspired comedy-magic with lightning fast improvisation. Resonating influences such as Zero Mostel, Jack Benny & Chuck Jones, yet entirely unique. "Hilarious & uplifting"​​

  • 30- & 45-min shows

  • 60-min package (show+balloons)

  • 90-min package (show+balloons+juggling workshop)

Birthday Max: Shows
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"Max, you're the funniest man in the whole world!"

Lisa, age 4
former clown-a-phobic

Hilarious and uplifting.


I told you, my son has Aspergers. Today was the first birthday party he actually enjoyed. He always wants a party, but gets too stressed out. I was shocked you got him comfortable enough to be your assistant and stand in front of the crowd. You cannot understand how huge that was for us. And it wasn't a fluke - what I didn't tell you was that the older of the two brothers are autistic, and you had both [our sons] spinning plates in front of a crowd. His mother and I were nearly in tears. You have a talent with special needs children.

Fantastic… my son couldn’t stop talking about you. He came home after the party balancing the feather and looking in the mirror to look at his face. Thank you, again, for working with our "extremely full of energy" group of boys. You really made them laugh! Next year, be ready!!!




THANK YOU for your wonderful fun show. THANK you! THANKyouTHANKyouTHANKyou from all of us!

Jeffrey, age 4
at the climactic moment, Jeffrey stood, grabbed his head as if it would explode, called out the above, and tipped over in a dead-fall. He rightly detected safe levels of funny were exceeded. We thank you Jeffrey for keeping us safe from the perils of too much funny.

The Raines Family

From me to someone who missed it:
You missed the best party we ever gave. The entertainer was wonderful. Even Avery, who never keeps still, sat through the whole thing. The adults laughed through the entire act, even [Avery’s] dad, and he never participates in anything ever!


You were great. My kids spent all night re-watching the footage of the event. I will definitely keep you top of my list for [the] next event for the families and kids with special needs.

Zeesy, Bergen Friends

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