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Balloon Hysteria NYC

Balloon Hysteria NYC is handsome balloon designs immaculately executed with a whole lotta funny.

  • ​Whimsical, elegant designs for all ages (yes, there are balloons for grown-ups)

  • Holiday specific designs (Halloween, Christmas, Tony and Oscar Award parties)

Balloon Hysteria NYC: Shows
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FANTASTIC Balloon Twister and Kids Entertainer!

"Balloon Hysteria NYC is the absolute best… FANTASTIC. …the balloons he made were awesome. …Truly, can't say enough good things."

Made our party extra special and memorable!

"…above and beyond! …pleasant to work and communicate with …children and adults were enthralled …an amazing party!"

Lindsay T.

Melody L.

"Princeton University's Department of Molecular Biology planned a circus-themed BBQ picnic under a tent, and we thought we'd include a 'balloon twister' among the amusements. We expected someone who would twist balloons into dogs and swords and funny hats.

What we actually got was a balloon artist, R David Robinson, who did his homework to create customized balloon creations that were a perfect fit to the research interests and character of the department. He created laboratory mice (alive and dead), viruses, an oversized bacterium, an oversized phage virus, an oversized balloon version of the departmental logo, and his pièce de résistance was a 5x life-size head of a long-tenured and beloved professor recognizable by everyone! David didn't merely exceed all expectations; he blew them up!

Delightful and Creative

"…very funny… charmed all of us- kids and adults. There was an ease he had with folks. Highly recommended."

Brian G.

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