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R David also continues to work as a New York City actor…

“I directed him in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. R David played Big Daddy. I think he's the best Big Daddy I've ever seen. We did it without intermission, in real time. This was risky, but it worked. And it would have been really risky if Big Daddy had not been brilliant, because [Big Daddy] has a long scene exactly half-way through the play. One of the great scenes ever written, by Tennessee Williams or anyone else. And one of the most demanding. And there was R David, rising to it, rolling with it, sailing with it, singing its song and walking its walk. He is a great actor.”

Austin Pendleton

actor, director, and noted interpreter of Tennessee Williams

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Ghost of Christmas Present

10 years of Christmas Carol hysterical vaudeville at the Morgan Museum & Library

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